Tail Boom, CF6

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Manufactured of 3K carbon fiber weave cloth and slotted on both ends for a pefect fit, this CF tail boom for your Pantera is proudly Made in America.  Want to see how they're made? Watch this YouTube video about the making of our cabon fiber tail booms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-ubzE1dvcI


What's in it for you to justify the price? It's not how they look (great), or the weight difference (negligable). They're a smart value because they're tougher than aluminum, which means spending a little more up front pays off in increased durability. This is true even for beginners because they'll take a licking before they fail. Also, being stiffer makes them better for 3D because the tail won't whip when you're throwing your model about aggressively, which results in more accurate tail control. This also means they're better for scale models, which foresake the tail boom steadies altogether and instead rely on the structure of the fiberglass fuselage to stabilize the tail. Since these are stiffer than the aluminum boom, control is more precise in your scale application as well.


Finally, unlike what we refer to as "fake CF booms", which are offered by some Oriental manufacturers (theirs are actually made of aluminum and laminated with a layer of carbon fiber basically just to fool people with the look), ours are the real deal.

Align HN6097 carbon fiber tail boom is actually aluminum and merely laminated with CF

- Our carbon fiber tail boom vs an Align HN6097 tail boom, which is actually aluminum with a CF veneer


Don't you hate when you don't get what you paid for? While all that glitters isn't gold, with our CF tail booms, genuine high quality remains long after you forget the price.