Filter-T, 3-way (Set of 2)

Mfn. No: PDR0004

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Tired of messing around with fuel filters that leak? Ready for a use it and forget it solution? Our ultrasonic welded units are what you want!


Havce you ever installed one of those shiny aluminum fuel filters only to discover it's leaking when your engine runs unreliably, or worse, quits in flight? The reason has to do with the tiny o-rings, which are so thin they're easily damaged during maintenance, or crack with age resulting in a leak. As you know, when fuel leaks out it means air is getting into the fuel line - yikes! Since engines don't run on air, it runs poorly or quits altogether (and because Murphy's Law dictates engine's only quit when your model is either low,  far away, or both), you want a reliable filtering solution. These untrasonic-welded disposable fuel filters protect your valuable model. As usual, simpler is better.


Filter-T installed on a Pantera P6

- Filter-T - also shown: frame mount shut-off (AUD0029-SO), shut off (PDR0003), and 2-oz Hopper (PDR0016)