Header Tank (2 oz)

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The 2-ounce header tank is an accessory you see on all the top notch pilot's helicopters for a reason.  During a maneuver, the clunk in the fuel tank may be momentarily unported thereby allowing an air bubble to enter the fuel line.  Once there, the result is usually silence from the engine as it quits.  Fortunately, an effecti9ve and inexpensive solution is available in the form of the header tank.

Over time, the 2-ounce unit has emerged as the most popular configuration.  Ours have several important advantages over competing designs.  First, unlike those, which adapt a readilly available model airplane fuel tank to the task, ours are purpose molded.  This results in several advantages; chief amonst them, the key-molded sides of the tank itself, which securely locks to the one-piece molded plastic holder.  Also, by using an expensive molded plastic mount instead of a metal strap-type mount, we eliminate pressure poiunts due to sharp edges, which promote wear leading to leaks.  Added to which, we feature a neat rubber grommet and steel-spacer mount design thereby aiding in preventing vibrations from entering the unit via the mounting point to the side frame.  This is important because it prevents overtightening of the grommet, which could lead to air bubbles originating within the unit itself.

  • Custom key-molded fuel tank
  • One-piece plastic holder
  • Rubber-steel isolation mount

Filter-T installed on a Pantera P6

- Header Tank - also shown: frame mount shut-off (AUD0029-SO), shut off (PDR0003), and Filter-T (PDR0004)