Exhaust Diverter, 35°

Mfn. No: PDR0062

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Molded of high temperature silicone, the 35° exhaust diverter zip-ties to the exhaust stinger of the muffler.  Photgraphed in black, production units are actually molded in clear silicone so you may better monitor the combustion process by the color of the exhaust staining (where it first exits the stinger).  The goal is a warm honey tone versus a dark brown, which indicates the engine is running too rich.  These silicone exhaust diverters are designed first and foremost to keep the exhaust further from your model while not increasing the backpressure, which would affect the performance of your engine/muffler package.  Consequently, the ID is larger than competing designs commmnly available in hobby shops, which are molded in gray silicone.  Moreover, the dual ridges where it slips over the stinger permits an even more secure mounting arrangement when the stinger is long enough.  This unit fits a wide variety of 50-class mufflers, but is supplied OEM for the  ProModeler v2 helicopter uffler.