Swashplate, Aluminum, 120°/135°

Mfn. No: PDR0081

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If you're wanting to kick things up a notch, a stronger swashplate with tighter tolerances will make a huge difference in your flying.  Manufactured of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum, the solid billets are CNCed to final dimensions with an incredible high level of precison.  The parts are then polished to a super high shine before the the huge 6806Z spherical-bearing is pressed into place and secured with set screws.  This high level proecss ensures long lasting, ultra tight tolerances for years of precision use.  This high quality aluminum swashplate is a direct replacement for AUD0039 and supports both 120° and 135° mixing.  It can also replace the swashplates of other 50-class CCPM model helicopters like Venture, Sceadu, RJX, etc.