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Mfn. No: PDRS120BLHV

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The S120BLHV is DISCONTINUED and replaced by DS120BLHV (same price). Visit www.promodeler.com for purchase.

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Created expressly for tail-rotor duty of helicopter models ranging from 500 through 800-class, this ultraspeed, narrow-band, standard-size, HV (high voltage) servo is water-resistant and features a brushless motor. Made of high-impact engineering-polymer, it's significantly lighter than an all-aluminum servo. Designed with tank-like durability in mind, this servo is a great choice for 3D-pilots conscious how every single gram adds up. Is it the right servo for you? Just eyeball the features to see how well it matches up with your requirements.

Features at a glance:

  • CNC-machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum motor-section for superb cooling of the HV motor.
  • Lightweight engineering-polymer-  an über-strong Nylon 6,6 like what's used in Glock handgun frames.
  • Assembled with ten grade 12.9 Allen-head machine-bolts - not el cheapo Phillips-head screws.
  • Metal gears - stronger, last longer, and more crash resistant - 25-spline - Ø5.96 (Futaba compatible).
  • Brass gear-shaft inserts - these reinforce the servo top case to preclude the holes getting wallowed out.
  • Brushless motor - no matter the claims, it's our experience these are much more reliable than coreless-motors.
  • Million-cycle Nobel potentiometers - the best money can buy -  ensuring many years of service.
  • High voltage - rated for 2S LiPo or LiFe battery packs versus old fashioned NiCds
  • Fully-captured o-rings - for resisting water and exhaust oil - after all, exhaust fumes and pop-up rain showers happen.
  • Dual ball bearings - ensures the high precision lasts for many years to come.
  • Epoxy potting compound - for better vibration resistance - competitors often use none.

Servos engineered to meticulous standards - and then some.Details count. Inside and out.