160oz-in Mini

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Looking for the perfect mini-size servo? It probably doesn't exist but we believe our super-mini comes pretty close. If your high performance model requires loads of torque plus high speed in a compact package, this is the secret sauce.

1. Use a better motor - and make it brushless instead of coreless. Doing away with brushes means commutation happens electronically instead of mechanically. With no brushes to wear out the motor runs cooler and last longer.

2. Use a stronger motor - in fact, it's the one from our 420oz-in servo. We gear it to be really fast . . . how does 160oz-in/0.06sec/60° grab you?

3. Of course, the trick to shoehorning a large motor into a mini-size frame involves a slotted CNC-machined case. One that begins as a solid billet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum (and letting it all hang out aids cooling, too).

4. Dual dual ball bearings? Sure! And metal gears. But instead of standard gears we opted for pricey and tougher gear material - steel.

5. Design for HV battery packs because higher voltage means lower current. This means less loss when using servo extensions (compared to old fashioned 4-8-6.0V servos). And by designing them for 2S LiPo packs you save weight compared to using NiCds, LiFe, or NiMH cells and there's no need of a separate regulator.

6. Since centering is the sine qua non ultra when it comes to a high performance servo, we use MIL-SPEC components. Along with a genuine Nobel potentiometer. Why? It's because there's no compromise in our goal of building the best servo money can buy.

7. Finally, we protect the electronics with potting compound. It's how NASA bullet proofs their stuff against vibration when launching into space. We do too. And while it's a pain in the hind quarters (competitors use a piece of cheapo foam, if anything), we think of it as part of going the extra mile.

Bottom line? This super mini is ideal for 500-550 class model helis, compact enough for the slim wing of a jet, and quick enough for 60" class freestyle electric acrobats. It's the best super-mini we can make. It's the best super-mini money can buy. And because you're buying direct, you eliminate middle-man and save for other investments in the sport.