215oz-in v3

Mfn. No: PDRS215v3

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DISCONTINUED and replaced by DS305CLHV (same price). Visit www.promodeler.com for purchase.

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This is a great HV (high voltage) servo for sport and scale use because it's both strong and fast. Suggested uses include 550-800-class helicopters, plus fixed-wing models ranging from 48" to 96" wingspan (engines from .46 through 100cc gassers). With 215oz-in of torque and 0.09sec/60° transit time, this standard-size servo (just means it fits nearly anywhere) delivers what you need in terms of high performance plus tank-like durability - especially when you aren't made of money.

Features at a glance: see how well this servo matches up with your requirements

  • CNC-machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum motor-section - best-in-class cooling.
  • Lightweight engineering-polymer - über-strong Nylon 6,6 like what's used in Glock handgun frames.
  • Assembled with ten grade 12.9 Allen-head machine-bolts - not el cheapo Phillips-head screws.
  • Metal gears - stronger, last longer, and more crash resistant - 25-spline - Ø5.96 (Futaba compatible).
  • Brass gear-shaft inserts - look around, even $200 servos are often missing this very desireable feature for enhanced durability.
  • Corelss motor - fast, strong, and very reliable.
  • Million-cycle Nobel potentiometers - exact same as our top-of-the-line brushless servos - for many years of service.
  • High voltage - rated for 2S LiPo or LiFe battery packs versus old fashioned NiCds
  • Fully-captured o-rings - for resisting water and exhaust oil - after all, exhaust fumes and pop-up rain showers happen.
  • Dual ball bearings - ensures the high precision lasts for many years to come.
  • Epoxy potting compound - for better vibration resistance - competitors often use none.

Servos engineered to meticulous standards - and then some.Details count. Inside and out.