5v Gyro/Rudder Regulator

Mfn. No: PRR-5VGT

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5v Gyro / Tail Servo Voltage Regulator

How to Connect The Regulator

  • Male Plug - To Rx Rudder Channel
                         (or Gyro Output)
  • Female Plug - To Gyro
                            (or Tail Servo)

Our in-line 5v Voltage Regulator is perfect for Gyro/Tail Servo Combinations requiring 4.8v-5.2v input. The fast and simple installation of this unit makes it ideal for pilots of any experience level. With a maximum 3A output, this unit is capable of supplying enough power for the most demanding of flights.

This 5v Voltage Regulator can also be used for any other purpose related to needing a regulated 5v supply.


Min. Input Voltage: 6.2v
Max. Input Voltage: 11.1v
Output Voltage: Constant 5v @ 1.5A
Max. Amp Rating: 3A
Length of Lead Plugs: 3" Each (6" Total)
Plug Type: Universal