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There's a lot to know about model engine operation and adding this DVD to your library means you gain the benefit of learing from an experienced pro. With an approximate run time of 3-hours, topics covered include care, handling, break in, disassembly, tips and tricks, fuel and it's composition, tuning, selecting glow plugs, gasoline versus nitro fuel engines, how to work on Walbro type pump carburetors, etc. Subsections include;


1. aboutENGINES
2. Safety
3. Fuel Make-up
4. Fuel Systems
5. Engine Break-in
6. 2-stroke Break-in
7. 2-stroke Assembly
8. 4-stroke Break-in
9. 4-stroke Assembly
10. Adjusting Valves
11. Gasoline Engines
12. Gasser Assembly
13. Multi-cylinder Engines
14. Walbro Carbs
15. Spark Plugs
16. Fine Tuning

Whether it's how to break in an engine for a model helicopter versus a model airplane, or how to adjust valves on a 4-stroke engine, we have you covered. While you won't quite become an overnight expert just by watching you will be able to handle breaking-in an engine, tuning it for proper power, or selecting a propellor. That, plus you'll be able to make repairs because you'll understand the ins and outs of disassembly. Along with the many little things it otherwise takes a lifetime of experience to gain, you'll be well on your way to being your club's go to guy when the rest are stumped.