About Us

We're about 15 miles NE of downtown Orlando, maybe 30 minutes from the Disney, and not too hard to find.


2255 Pine Way
Sanford, FL 32773
Tel: 407-302-3361
Fax: 407-302-3363


In a Nutshell

We're a small specialty hobby products company. We offer remote control model helicopters, servos, and electronic throttles (ESCs), as well as rotor blades, tools and accessories, which with few exceptions are geared toward enthusiastic non-competitors. This means we have neat stuff, but what we stock isn't generally fancy schmancy and thus, we're a little out of step with the times. Everything we offer is designed to be used hard (and endure). What's not made by us is typically made exclusively for us; usually right here in the USA but also South Korea, Czech Republic, China, and Japan (we offer this as a fact, not a political statement). Moreover nearly everything is designed in house. Add to it, when we go outside, we don't search out the cheapest products . . . relying instead on the fact we have have experience about what works (and more importantly, what doesn't). Basically, if we won't use it ourselves, we won't offer it to you! Combine all this with our modest overhead and the results are goods, which are affordable. It's the classic "eliminate the middleman" game . . . played to win.


To better reflect our position in the hobby industry, Audacity Models (a family owned business) formally came into being in 2004. That makes a nice sound bite doesn't it? For the rest of the story click here.