Login Help

Give us a chance to immediately help by calling 407-302-3361 - we're sorry for the delay. 

Alternatively, try the Lost Password Wizard, or the other tips in this Login Help FAQ.

Naturally, we're also available via email.

  1. I thought I had an account but when I try to login it says login or password are invalid. What gives?
    Most likely the email address or password weren't entered as our database expects. Give us a call and we'll help you get squared away, or use the Lost Password Wizard to retrieve your login and password.  However, due to security, the system kcks you out after three misses. If this still doesn't help, just email us and we'll help sort it out.   We're sorry for the trouble.
  2. I want to create a new user in your system but I'm confused about what type of user to select.
    Select Individual if you're purchasing products for your own personal use. Select corporate user if you're part of the GHD (Genesis Hobby Distribution), our network of +400 hobby dealers.  Enter your dealer account number and email address to access the dealer system.  Apply for GHD status now, or later though the Dealers button in the bottom menu below.
  3. I tried to create a new customer but it says one or more pieces of information were already assigned to someone else in the database. What does this mean?
    To prevent confusion, our database verifies the customer record using email or telephone number to ensure you're you!  Naturally, in case of doubt, we'd rather err on the side of delay by asking you to call us at 407-302-3361 to get the issue sorted out promptly (instead of compromising your account).  Since we use the email address or telephone number for comparison, if either is already in the database, you get the warning.
  4. How do I change my password?
    Select the 'Member Services" icon then, 'Change Password', and follow the steps.  Afterwards, just login in again using your new password.