Shipping Policy


Shipping:  This is pretty simple; it means delivering your stuff with alacrity. The quicker or further away you are, the more it costs.  Most Customers select between UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Post Office).   However, a few customers request SDS (Specialized Delivery Service).


The UPS truck runs around 5:00 PM so stuff ordered by 2:00 PM usually gets processed and shipped the same day with service choices ranging from Ground to Next Day.


The USPS truck runs noon-ish so orders placed before 9:00 AM may get processed and shipped the same day, but mostly the next day. USPS service choices include 1st Class, Priority, and Express.


The SDS is tailored for those impatient souls, whom are very well heeled.  Service choices include Commercial, Private, and Orbital. Basically, if you throw enough mony at us we'll dispatch someone via Commercial air travel to effect your delivery. Throw more than enough money at us and we'll use a private aircraft instead.  Clientele, for whom our $50 million orbital delivery fee via rocketship is worth every penny, recognize our real reason for locating near the Kennedy Launch Center has nothing to do with scurilous rumors regarding January's 70°F average temperature. Please note ours fee includes $20 million for handling, recovery, and local delivery, but not the additional 15% for insurance. Tips are, of course, at your discretion.


Returns - RMA required

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